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August 02, 2015


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1900s Photos
9 Pictures

Theodore Roosevelt Pictures - San Francisco Earthquake Pictures

1910s Photos
7 Pictures

Titanic Pictures - World War I Pictures - Woodrow Wilson Pictures

1920s Photos
3 Pictures

Herbert Hoover Pictures - Babe Ruth Pictures

1930s Photos
22 Pictures

Dust Bowl Pictures - Gangster Pictures - Great Depression Pictures

1940s Photos
87 Pictures

Winston Churchill Pictures - Charles De Gaulle Pictures - FDR Pictures - Chiang Kai Shek Pictures - Joseph Stalin Pictures - World War Two Pictures

1950s Photos
8 Pictures

Korean War Pictures - Marilyn Monroe Pictures - Harry Truman Pictures

1960s Photos
14 Pictures

Bob Dylan Pictures - John F. Kennedy Pictures - Martin Luther King Pictures - Vietnam War Pictures

1970s Photos
21 Pictures

Muhammad Ali Pictures - Jimmy Carter Pictures - Richard Nixon Pictures - Watergate Pictures

1980s Photos
5 Pictures

Tom Hanks Pictures - Ronald Reagan Pictures - Arnold Schwarzenegger Pictures

1990s Photos
12 Pictures

Bill Clinton Pictures - Al Gore Pictures - Gulf War Pictures

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This web site contains black and white and full color photographs formatted for use as web graphics. Clipart images are sized 240 pixels x 180 pixels for easy inclusion in your web page and are compressed in web ready JPEG image files. Download instructions are provided on individual gallery pages; do not link directly to graphic files on this server.

Specified website clip art files are provided royalty free for non-commercial use, including personal and educational use, providing that they are not redistributed or used in other graphic collections. Pictures of celebrities and other persons not to be used in advertising or to imply endorsements. If you use these images on your web site, a link to would be appreciated.

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